1st Generation

Just before INDIA GOT ITS FREEDOM, in 1940’s a Gentleman by the name of Shree Virbhan Nagpal seeded a small set up in Amritsar which today fruits to a national setup of trading, manufacturing & brand business. This became the beginning of a business era for the Nagpal family in the Horological Industry. Soon Second generation lead by Mr. Tarlok Nagpal continued the legacy in Amritsar to build a strong good will, acquiring a larger geographic reach in the Indian Watch Industry. Continuing the journey for many years, in 1976 brought in the 3rd generation with Bigger Vision and ideas, Mr. Narinder Nagpal & Mr. Jatinder Nagpal, moved out of their home town of Amritsar and opened their next set up in the Financial Hub of India, Mumbai, by the name of Nagpal’s Bombay. This opened access to the International markets and they acquired multiple distributions of International brands in Spare parts. Today, it’s ranked as one of India’s largest sources for wrist watch spare parts.

2nd and 3rd Generation

Gaining the International Business Experience the 2 Young boys, in the urge to grow, started to look for additional Avenues to expand their wings bigger and in 1981 Nagpals Bombay acquired Pan India distribution of watch batteries from global leading brands of Japan & Swiss like Renata, Maxell, Sony & Seizaiken (Seiko Group). This was a BIG and POWERFUL achievement making their mark in the Global Watch Industry….

Of course with no intent to settle with what they have achieved, the Boys kept evolving with the changing trend and realised the moderns market demands, so in 1991 The Nagpal Group created their first watch brand- D’SIGNER to target a niche market in the premium segment, making us one of the first Indian companies to design & manufacture a watch brand with International standards. Today, D’SIGNER is present in more than 75 top MBOS and Online Market places of India.

1995 After achieving an established launch in the premium category, we decided to step into the mass consumer market & planned to launch our next brand ESCORT. This special segment was designed to provide quality watches at a very affordable price.

As time went by Indian Markets Further evolved and opened gates for comfortable imports of International brands. And The Nagpal Family didn’t waste any time to grab the opportunity, So ino 1997 Nagpal Group tied up for distribution of International Swiss & Fashion brands like TISSOT, ROTARY, GIVENCHY, CHRISTIAN BERNARD, YVES BERTLEIN PARIS and more. This was a huge game changer to the business bringing in world class exposure & experience to the family business.

4th Generation

While the family business was expanding , more hands were in need and yes by 2005 the 4th Generation (MR. NEERAJ NAGPAL & MR. NISCHAY NAGPAL) were already geared up to reign & continue the powerful legacy . Integrating fresh ideas and updated tech to manage the already build empire , A new vertical was was launched to manage private labels ( OEM / ODM ) and make customised collection of watches for reputed brand for their promotional & retail ventures Along which new categories were introduced for corporate gifting such as sunglasses, bags, wallets, pens, clocks, etc.

In late 2000’s E-commerce took a Global Boom , while we took our time to study this business and soon became the supply chain to many many online brands , in 2013 a Turkish brand, DANIEL KLEIN, made us their sole distributors for India. We introduced this brand As the FIRST ONLY DIGITAL WATCH BRAND in India, Daniel Klein became the top 5 brands on the E-commerce platforms with its ecstatic & stylish offering of more than 1000+ models every year at affordable prices.

2017 By now we were established at a 360 degree level in the watch industry, many renowned International Brands started outsourcing their products from the Nagpal Group, under the Make in India name, catering to the local India market. Mr. Myank Nagpal (the youngest of the 4th Generation) came on board and took over a Huge strategic partnership with Inter Luxury Group and their multiple basket of brands like SUPERDRY, FRENCH CONNECTION, TIMBERL AND, REACTION BY KENNETH COLE, CERUTTI and many more.

With Fashion , we decided to get some experience with higher prices premium Swiss Made Watches, so in 2018 Nagpal Group brought the luxury of swiss made watches here in India-MATHEY TISSOT. A swiss watch maker of prestige watches since 1866, Mathey Tissot is known for its exceptional horology in automatics & limited edition timepieces.

A Long seen dream took to life in 2020 GHADIWAALA.COM, India’s next largest watches & smart wearables marketplace, was founded with a collective experience of 4 generations working in the watch industry. We are here to host a curated selection of sellers who retail renowned Luxury, Fashion & Classic watches underpinned by fast, efficient delivery and free returns.

Smart Watch Technology had already taken off in the global Marke.Markets were evolving with the accptance ,so in 2020 we launched our brand BFIT. The brand has all the fitness tracking and other cool functions.

Towords the end of 2020, we got 1 more Premium brand exclusively for India, D1 MILANO, an Italian Premium watch brands, with a unique DNA.


4 Generations, 20+ brands handled exclusively, unmatched after sale services, more than 500 Private labels brand manufactured – and still many more stories to unveil! Even though 2020 was not the best for most of the world due to the Pandemic, we managed to continue to chase our Dreams with caution.