The watches we sell are original and vendor certified for a peerless performance!

The D’SIGNER Swiss-Made collection is here to raise the standard and elevate time to a new level. Each timepiece adheres to all official ordinances determined by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry and includes a custom, identification tag for the Swiss-made label.Anchored in a distinguished tradition with a heritage defined by excellence, the Swiss timepiece has long been considered the unrivalled foundation of the watchmaking world. In an effort to preserve the reputation of the quality for which the Swiss timepiece has become known.


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D’SIGNER offers you a diverse range of quality corporate gifts to reflect your company’s and / or your client’s value and image. D’SIGNER has been servicing the market for over last 10 years and specialises in providing personalized services. D’SIGNER gives you greater reliability, guaranteed quality, and more choice when considering such as promotions, gifts for employees or clients, rewards, or any other occasion.

Our advantage is our exceptional customization options… we provide our clients with quotations, free visuals(logo display on product), and advice for their institutional plans….

Our team helps you find the most appropriate & suitable product for your company at prices which meets your requirement.

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