International Brands

Daniel Klien

Daniel Klein Brand…. Founded in 1998 and stepped into the watch industry for the first time. With it’s “Fashion For Everyone” horizon, from the first day of it’s establishment until today, Daniel Klein has become a very popular brand name and got attention from many international purchasers around the world. Our Brand is available in more than 50 countries. Our difference is not just our reasonable paces but our high-quality products. Also, following the latest trends and fashion to create our new collection for every month.

Daniel Klein Group is established after the high interest of many international purchasers of DK watches. Our Biggest advantage is to be in total control of the quality, during every phase of production. Reasonable price policy, high quality fashion products, following the countries latest

Daniel Klein Analog Watch For Men - DK.1.12808-6

Daniel Klein Analog Watch For Women - DK11421-7

Daniel Klein Analog Watch For Men - DK.1.12880-1

Daniel Klein Analog Watch For Women - DK.1.12776-5


Near the centre of the Swiss Jura Mountains, at an altitude of 3.300 feet, lies the village of Les Ponts de Martel, nestled in one of Switzerland’s most beautiful valleys. Here, in the year 1886, the Mathey-Tissot Watch Company was founded. Then began a unique story based on quality, integrity and personal service.

In 1890 the Boer War between England and South Africa erupted, and the demand for Mathey- Tissot’s fine watches became so great that a new larger factory was built.

In the Kew Observatory Competition of 1914, Mathey-Tissot was represented by six chronographs, each with split-second timing. All not only passed the Class A rating with mention of “specially good”, but one had a record never previously attained. Later that same year Mathey-Tissot followed this accomplishment with the award of the Grand Prix at Berne’s Swiss National Exhibition. As the years passed, a striking array of other honours was earned by the famed craftsmen of Mathey-Tissot.

The Mathey-Tissot story has really just begun. Never content to ” sit on its laurels”, the company has big plans for the future – “big” in the sense that new, innovative watches and ideas will continue to position Mathey-Tissot in the forefront of super quality Swiss watch companies but “small” enough never to forget that relations with its customers is paramount. What can Mathey-Tissot do for you?

Mathey-Tissot Analog White Dial Men's Watch - HB611251PBR

Mathey-Tissot Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch - H7051AI

Mathey-Tissot Analog Watch For Women - D810RA

Mathey-Tissot Analog Watch For Men - H710BI

D1 Milano

Founded in Milan in 2013 by Dario Spallone and recognized as one of the fastest growing realities in the Watchmaking World. Our aim is to engineer the highest quality materials through a meticulous care in our research and development of materials, finishing, and chromatism, pairing it with details of irreverence. The reality is that we do not like too many words. Our watches have to speak for themselves.


Bridging innovation and the unconventional with strong attention to details, to achieve the right fit and instill quality all around.

Every dial and plating combination, be it classic or unconventional, are purposefully selected to influence an experience on the wrist.

D1 Milano Black Dial Automatic Watch For Men - SKBJ01

D1 Milano Black Dial Analogue Watch For Men - PCBJ12

D1 Milano Blue Dial Analogue Watch For Men - UTBJ12

D1 Milano Analog Black Dial Men's Watch-CHBJ08


Robert H Ingersoll and his brother Charles founded the Ingersoll Watch Company, one of the oldest American watchmakers. The Ingersoll brothers were pioneers of industry and invention in the field of watchmaking. They devised and followed an ambitious plan: to offer Ingersoll watches to the general public at an affordable price, whilst maintaining real quality and credibility.

Based in New York City, each watch was initially produced by hand, but in 1892, thanks to Henry Ford, Ingersoll succeeded in developing a production line for pocket watches and wristwatches.

The Ingersoll Watch Company grew with the demand and made new advances in watch manufacturing; developing the functions and features of Ingersoll watches to create:

The smallest existing pocket watch.

‘RADIOLITE’: the first glow in the dark watch.

The first ever military watch, which was designed with the involvement of the armed forces.

The first character watch, which was commissioned by Disney to feature Mickey Mouse.

Ingersoll watches have been sold continuously since their inception and today the Ingersoll brand is renowned the world over. Ingersoll continues to maintain the ethos of the Ingersoll brothers and is proud to present a new range of quality, precision timepieces.

Ciga Design

CIGA Design is the best example of a premium and affordable brand and holder of 9 awards Red Dot Design Awards, 2 iF Design Awards a 3 German Design Awards. It is the only original watch brand in China to win two top Red Dot titles: Best of the Best Award and iF Gold Award.

GPHG is known as the Oscar of the watch industry. Every year, many world-famous watch brands take part in it. It is an annual event in the watch industry.

Every year, the most innovative watch products in the world are selected from all over the world. CIGA Design was chosen to illustrate the progress of Chinese watch brands. It is also a recognition of the strength of CIGA Design that can effectively improve the impact and visibility of CIGA Design in the watch industry.